Video “One Offs”

These are a couple of early short videos I shot using my new camera. I call them one-offs because they aren’t edited in any way. They both require flash to play at all, and don’t really display too well using modern web browsers.

This one isn’t at all experimental or anything. Just some footage of these Aztec Dancers on New Year’s Day 2008, between Union Station and Olvera Street in Los Angeles.

Aztec Dancers

(doesn’t seem to play at all anymore – 2019)

Here’s some video I shot while I was driving, which of course I shouldn’t have done in the name of safety, but it was really interesting visually, and went really well with the music I was listening to. I was also feeling rather “down” that night, and shooting this lifted me out of it.

Hollywood In The Dark

Charles Ives’ music almost gives a simple drive in the rain a narrative of its own. The music is called, “Central Park in the Dark.” I liked the interplay of the rain and street lights, the reflections, the textures of the windshield wipers and rain on the windshield. Actually, it probably should be called, “Thai Town In the Dark.”

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