Cubist Arthur

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A therapist I know assured me this concludes that I’m certifiable.

In reference to the work, I’d like to quote Steven Soderbergh’s film, Sex, Lies, and Videotape; “All I could think about this past weekend was garbage, literally garbage. I started obsessing over what happens to all the garbage, I mean, what happens to all of it, we have to run out of space eventually, don’t we? This happened to me before when that barge with all the garbage was stranded, because nobody would accept it. I don’t know what started it this time.” The context of that statement in his film is not unlike that of this piece.

Intimacy, Attention, Commodification, and Privatization

It’s often said that most people are more willing to talk about their sex lives than money, but I’d venture that an even more private part of their lives might be their morning grooming routine. Often not fully awake, your attention is directed to various bodily minutia in a self-critical or narcissistic manner. What better way to convey the mental state and way of seeing than through cubism?

I initially chose the music because the upbeat part of the song was running through my head; “Woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head…” but once I’d laid the sound in, I found it gave the piece a much darker overtone, and am not entirely sure I’m content with the marriage of sound and image. Combining works by different artists offers the danger of either piece overshadowing the other, contextually or qualitatively, and the intention of the Beatles lyrics catapulted the piece into a wholly different realm of interpretation. Would I blow my mind out in a car? Filmic expectation leads you to expect that something will happen with that razor. Hitchcock and Spielberg have left us with dark expectations when razors are shown on screen. Perhaps the only other realm of our lives where the intimacy of grooming is violated is in advertising. By association, wrapped in a robe or towel and vulnerable, you may be subconsciously susceptible to suggestion. Viewing this, you might be led to expect a product recommendation, but I’m afraid you won’t find one. The mundane becomes surreal, and then the surreal becomes mundane again.

This overly revealing cubist video collage of me includes flossing, brushing, shaving, moisturizing, brushing, kissing, zipping, my tongue, fingers, navel, and sitali pranayam. Not to mention The Beatles, A Day in the Life.

It’s long; 10 minutes, though this is a 4 minute excerpt. If you can sit through it all, the zippers begin and end the whole deal, and you’ll hear the music loop then. Flash can’t seem to quite manage playing all the clips at full speed.

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