Spring Equinox at the Malibu Wright Ranch

OK, this has taken forever to get to because these are the most complex assortment of clips I’ve shot. Furthermore, after I shot them, I was told people didn’t want them posted because it was a personal and private ceremony. Well, with some regrets, I can’t help myself. I also haven’t figured out the best presentation for the “sensitive” material, so it’s just a composite grid of the ceremony, and you can’t really hear any thing except the chant we all did. It’s enormous too; an unwieldy 58MB. Keep in mind that at actual size, the widest ones here are nearly 3-1/2 feet wide. That’s as big as Flash can handle; 2880 pixels square.

Fortunately, some of the others are quite breathtaking and not nearly as huge.

Indian Spring Equinox Ceremony

SpringEquinoxCeremony Click on image to load 58.1MB file.

Malibu Canyon Sunset

Malibu Canyon SunsetClick on image to load 3.5MB file.

On Top of the World Over Malibu Canyon

On Top Of The WorldClick on image to load 9.8MB file.

Malibu Coast at Dusk

Malibu Coast Dusk

Click on image to load 15.4MB file.

Malibu Coast View

Malibu Coast ViewClick on image to load 3.6MB file.

Malibu Shores

Malibu ShoresClick on image to load 2.2MB file.

Taking photos of the Malibu Coast

Taking Photos of the CoastClick on image to load 12MB file.

Santa Monica Night Coast

SM Night ViewClick on image to load 11.5MB file.

Wright Ranch HouseI find this one to be rather interesting; it has more cubist character than most of the other works. It’s a house they’re building that’s been under construction forever.Wright Ranch House

Click on image to load 5.8MB file.

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