My YouTube Playlist URL Index

(originally need in 2011, but today YouTube gives you a page of all my playlists: ) To my dismay, I just realized there isn’t a way to display all of a YouTube Channel’s playlists to the public, only to the owner of the channel. Forthwith, a listing of the playlists I’ve posted there: ‘Turned […]

Inspirecation 001 – Hollywood Woman’s Club

As assistant curator, I helped to organize this group art show on November 22, 2009, and showed my recent Ecstasy Unveiled video collages at the show. View more photos from the “Inspirecation 001” group show at the Hollywood Woman’s Club:  Inspirecation 001 Group Show Photos (Facebook Public Photo Gallery) Yes, I know. It’s the “Women’s […]

Cubist Arthur

YouTube blocks that video so you can watch the original 35MB flash version here This clip has not yet been rated. A therapist I know assured me this concludes that I’m certifiable. In reference to the work, I’d like to quote Steven Soderbergh’s film, Sex, Lies, and Videotape; “All I could think about this past […]

Video Cubism and the Video Collage

My current creative investigation relates to what I call “video cubism,” although so far my efforts are really just panoramic video collages, and the cubist aspect hasn’t been fully investigated. In theory, however, they are sort of a cubist approach to video. This approach compresses and fragments both the time and sound content, which is […]